Sent to my e-mail This is for a February 2015 transaction

Dear Sirs,

Carl Peiers has been incredible to work with and has played a crucial role in
helping us secure a second home in downtown Knoxville. Carl was also our
agent when we purchased rental property in 2011. There was no question or
hesitation when asking Carl to help us with our new search. He was
meticulous and patient in answering all our questions and concerns. At every
viewing, Carl would walk us through the pros and cons of each property
providing us a balanced view to help us make a sound decision. His
experience and knowledge of all aspects of the buying and closing process
made us feel confident in our decision. He was quick to respond to emails,
phone calls and set up viewings around our hectic schedule. We would
recommend Carl to anyone as a professional and a friend.

Dwayne and Kim Matthews


The following was a text message from Rebecca Chandler, sent to Carl Peiers on April 2, 2014 at 11:09 AM
 Carl Peiers is a great Realtor and a kind human being. He worked with me for two years to get qualified to buy my dream home. He offered great advice. After I qualified he stayed by my side making sure that everything went perfectly. I could not have succeeded without his help. I can never thank him enough.
(She closed on a Smith built home on March 31, 2014)


(e-mailed to carl.peiers@century21.com by Jay and Ling Zhao, June 9, 2012)

We recently purchased our house in Farragut and have happily lived there for about a month. We were very lucky to have Carl represent us for the purchase.  To be honest, I must say that in this world of lack of concerns for customers and broken promise, we have heard a lot of bad things about realtors and therefore originally were planning for buying a house that would be sold by the owner.  During our tour of shopping for a house, we ran into Carl one afternoon in an open house, and the rest of the story after that has proven this professional, well behaved gentleman is a rare exception. He is extremely well organized, listened and wrote done carefully about what type of house we were looking for, and asked if we had any further special requirements.  What really surprised us, in the same night of that day, we received his phone call followed by an e-mail listing a couple of houses that might meet our needs.  He further emphasized over the phone that buying the house is a big decision, so from his end no harsh would be put on our shoulders and hence he would like us to spend more time to go over the list and don’t feel obligated to respond to him right way or in a short period of time.  Again, he wanted us to feel free to contact him if we had further concerns and whenever we are ready, he would be very happy to accompany us to see those houses. Since then he really kept his promise, and always maintained good communication with us,  We have never felt any pressure from him from the night we received his first phone call, to the time we closed the deal.  We are very happy that every step during the process worked out very well based our schedule and our convenience and he was always reachable whenever we needed him for any professional advice/services. 

One moth passed since we have lived in, we really appreciate that Carl is still keeping in touch with us almost in a weekly base.  He would like to make sure we are happy about our house and if there are any questions, he would like to come and see if there would be anything that he can help or find someone he can refer to.

We deeply believe there are reasons behind why Carl is a five star realtor in the area, among many of them, delivering timely, reliable and honest services to the customers, and most importantly, PUT CUSTOMERS FIRST!.  I wish every realtor would not only have the same motto but really works hard to deliver the same. 

Carl is a friendly, helpful professional who is ready to meet your needs. We are delighted with his service and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.